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Beliefs and Religions of the World


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What is a belief, and why bother having any? After all, if nothing can be proven as true, why would we believe in anything anyway?

What are beliefs?

Ia A belief an assumed truth.?

Thus,is everything a belief ?.

DoWe create beliefs to anchor our understanding of the world around us and thus, once we have formed a belief, do we tend to persevere with that belief.?

Are Your beliefs fabricated by you as a result of inputs you have had throughout your life? Are they a result of a combination of teaching by others, experiences you have had and the process of figuring out what works for you, both as an element in society and as an individual. ?

When you were born, you had no beliefs. As you grew, you learned things, and formed beliefs.Have these beliefs molded into a wide variety of things you now believe to be true?

So, what is a belief? It is the building block we use to create our experience of life itself. It is changeable through intention, and it is the key to what kind of life we live.?

Funny thing about beliefs. They are mostly habitual.



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